The fact that companies are automating more and more tasks shouldn’t come as a surprise. Consider the social trend towards increased flexibility of labour and the ‘war on talent’. And now there’s also the post-coronavirus era, in which companies need to adapt to changing circumstances at an ever-increasing tempo. It’s increasingly important to deliver a guaranteed output of consistent quality on time. Comprehensive automation is not a needless luxury in meeting this challenge.

What are the main advantages?


Higher productivity

Automated solutions don’t just allow increased production, even including 24/7 operation. They also result in better performance in most cases. After all, machines never get tired and can operate very quickly and accurately, keeping the number of errors to a minimum. Ideal for carrying out repetitive tasks.


Reduced production costs

The consistent quality also has a positive effect on production costs, since there’s hardly any waste. Together with the faster operating speed and limited labour costs, you have a significantly lower cost per product, resulting in maximum profit.


Increased flexibility

It’s very easy to adapt an automated process if the situation demands it. And almost any operation or task can be automated, so there’s no lack of flexibility there either.


Happy employees

Automating (some of) your production doesn’t mean you can simply replace your employees. Operators are still required to intervene in some cases, even if it’s only to carry out preparatory work. You can use the extra time this frees up on tasks that require more knowledge and expertise, which results in employees gaining more satisfaction from their work. Talk about a win-win situation!


Independence from the labour market

Employees change jobs or are deployed for a diverse range of tasks which makes it exceedingly difficult to specialise. Do you have difficulty finding qualified personnel? Automating your production process means you’re no longer reliant on the labour market in all its scarcity. You can completely safeguard your production process.


Grind with the highest quality and output, 24/7.


Cut costs & increase productivity.


Improve the working comfort for the operator.


Increase quality and output while reducing costs and waste.


Maximise the yield from the grinding materials.

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