How do you successfully deploy robots? It’s the critical question our clients have. At Cibo Robotics, we help them see the forest for the trees once again. We bring clarity to an abstract world. And so do our success cases. They show you how to use robotics to automate and accelerate your work.


Reducing noice and dirt polution coming from sanding and deburring


  • uptake in delivery of patio heaters
  • better market position
  • safety increase for operators
  • less waste in consumables
  • protection of operators from noise and dirt
  • smarter use of resources (= focus on finishing jobs)


Grinding and polishing stainless steel pump housings.


  • from 10 workpieces with 2 people on 4 working days 
  • to 10 workpieces with 1 man on 2 working days 
  • faster grinding and polishing
  • more work done with less people 
  • strict finishing output demands are met! 


Deburring punching burrs on truck handles.


  • from 2 operators with 57% rework
  • to 1 operator with 97% well finished handles
  • application of the 6 sigma improvement model 
  • significant reduction of defects 


Smoothing welded joints on metal office furniture

GAIN: very large speed gain compared to manual process with guaranteed and consistent quality 

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