Do you want to work more efficiently with consistent quality?
Then automate your grinding process!

Complete solution for robotic grinding

Do you think robotic grinding is currently out of your reach? And, what if you had a ready-made solution that automates the grinding process for you?

You don’t need programming skills to start using robotic grinding. Our standard robotic system is 100% plug and play. The software, hardware and sanding materials used are perfectly matched and operation is similar to a CNC machine.

Worth knowing: you can call on the knowledge of specialists who have already earned their stripes in the field of both technical sanding solutions and CNC applications.

Up and running in one day

High and consistent quality

Simple operation and user-friendly CAM software

S160 – Standard robotic system

Robot cell

“Robotic grinding accessible to everyone!”

Cibo Robotics Arm
Isn’t robotic grinding… REALLY EXPENSIVE?

The advantage of robotic grinding is that it dramatically increases quality, efficiency, and consistency. Stäubli’s robot arms ensure that every workpiece is finished in exactly the same way. And the abrasive material is used much more efficiently. This results in a high ROI that makes it an attainable solution.

Isn’t robotic grinding… TOO COMPLEX?

You don’t need programming skills to start using robotic grinding. Our standard robot system is 100% plug and play. The course only takes a few days thanks to the CNC control concept and the very user-friendly CAM software. And, not unimportant, you can always rely on the knowledge of real specialists when you urgently need help.

Is robotic grinding… FLEXIBLE ENOUGH?

There is no lack of flexibility. The unique trinity of software, hardware, and sanding materials makes virtually any workpiece and finish within reach. In addition to our quickly implementable robot system (S-series), we also developed a U-series, especially for customisation. And last but not least, our +70 years of experience with sanding means we can offer sanding materials for every robotic application.

Isn’t robotic grinding… ONLY FOR LARGE BATCH RUNS?

Our solution has been developed so that changeover times are minimal and new products can be programmed incredibly quickly. All your existing 3D models can be loaded with a couple of clicks. These make up the foundation for programming the robot.

Isn’t robotic grinding… ONLY FOR SIMPLE FINISHES?

Our robotic solutions can handle the most complex workpieces thanks to the CAM and control software. The Stäubli robot can simulate all movements of an operator, only better and exactly the same every time. The robot can also be programmed to automatically switch tools to perform different sanding steps and programs one after the other.


Fomeco is a supplier of all kinds of tube products for the big truck builders, bus builders and builders of off-road vehicles such as Scania, DAF, Mercedes, Leyland, etc.

In this video below you will find out why they absolutely wanted to integrate robotic sanding into their production process for deburring.